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Rollergun rubbers anchor at the back of the speargun. these anchors can go on any speargun.

Roller rubber attachments are made from stainless steel, designed to hook rubbers on easily and quickly.

Spear gun roller rubber attachment.” In spearfishing, a roller rubber attachment is a component used in conjunction with a roller muzzle on a spear gun. Let’s break down the components:

Spear Gun Roller Muzzle: A roller muzzle, also known as a roller head or roller speargun muzzle, is a specialized muzzle design for spear guns used in advanced spearfishing. Unlike traditional muzzles, which have fixed spear guide or notch, roller muzzles incorporate one or more freely rotating rollers on which the shooting line (often made of dinieema) is wound.
Roller Rubber Attachment: The “roller rubber attachment” refers to the mechanism that connects the rubber bands or slings to the roller muzzle. In a roller speargun setup, instead of having the rubber bands attached directly to the speargun’s barrel, they are attached to the roller muzzle using specialized fittings.
Advantages: Roller muzzles and the associated rubber band attachments offer some advantages in spearfishing:
Increased Power and Range: The rotating rollers reduce friction on the shooting line, allowing the rubber bands to generate more power and increase the effective range of the spear gun.
Reduced Recoil: The roller system can help reduce the recoil felt by the diver when the spear is fired, making it more comfortable to shoot.
Components: A typical roller rubber attachment might include:
Roller Brackets: These are mounted on the roller muzzle and provide the attachment points for the rubber bands.
Roller Bands: These are the rubber bands or slings that store the potential energy to propel the spear. They are connected to the roller brackets.
Loading Butt: This is a component attached to the end of the roller muzzle that provides a surface against which the diver can press while loading the rubber bands. It helps leverage the bands into place.
It’s worth noting that roller spearguns and their attachments are more commonly used by experienced spearfishers due to their complexity and the advanced level of skill required to handle them effectively. Proper training, knowledge of spearfishing techniques, and an understanding of the equipment are important for safe and successful spearfishing.

If you’re interested in using a roller rubber attachment on your spear gun, I recommend seeking advice from experienced spearfishers or experts in spearfishing equipment. They can provide you with guidance on how to properly set up and use roller systems and ensure that you have the appropriate knowledge and skills for safe and effective spearfishing.

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