Snorkeling Cape Town

Information on snorkel diving

    • Importance of Proper Gear: Essential for safety and comfort, especially due to Cape Town’s cold waters. 
    • Masks: Various types; the Calibro Mask is recommended for its low volume and wide field of view. 
    • Snorkels: J-type snorkels preferred for robustness; key features include purge valve and splash guard. 
    • Fins: Freedive fins are effective; the Ruku Plastic Fins are suggested. 
By Charl Marais
      • Overview: Snorkeling at Boulders Beach offers unique encounters with African penguins.. 
      • Location: Situated near Simon’s Town, Boulders Beach is easily accessible and a favorite spot.
      • Marine Life: Expect to see African penguins, fish, and possibly small rays and octopuses. 
      • Gear Recommendations: Bring a well-fitting mask, snorkel, fins and Wetsuit
      • Safety Tips: Always snorkel with a buddy, stay aware of currents, and respect the wildlife.
By Charl Marais
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