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Gun Rubbers for Spearguns

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Our rubbers are designed to stretch and contract with force, storing potential energy as they stretch and releasing it rapidly to propel the spear forward with significant speed and precision. The use of US latex ensures consistent performance and longevity, making them a dependable choice for spearfishing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Elasticity: US latex’s inherent elasticity allows the rubber bands to stretch without losing their original shape. This elasticity translates to powerful shots that deliver the spear with force and accuracy.

Durability: US latex is known for its durability and resistance to degradation caused by water exposure and UV rays. This durability ensures that the rubber bands maintain their performance even after prolonged use in challenging underwater conditions.

Consistency: Spear gun rubbers made from US latex provide consistent tension and power throughout their lifespan, resulting in reliable and predictable shots.

Efficiency: The efficient energy transfer of US latex rubbers maximizes the speargun’s potential to propel the spear at the target, increasing the chances of a successful catch.


16mm Rubber p/m or Fitted, 20mm Rubber p/m or Fitted, 10mm Boingy Rubber p/m

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