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6mm Float line


Spearfishing and Freediving Float lines and floats

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Our 6mm low-density polyprop floating float line is ideal for spearfishing or freediver buoy tethering, below you will find lines, 5L buoys for spearfishing and Tube-based Freediving buoys with 12mm line.

Here’s a general overview of how a float line is used in spearfishing:

1. Function of a Float Line: A float line is typically a buoyant rope or line that connects your spear gun to a surface buoy or float. Its main purposes are:

Preventing Loss: If you let go of your spear gun or it becomes entangled, the buoyancy of the float line will prevent it from sinking to the seabed, making it easier to retrieve.

Resurfacing: The float line also provides a direct route to the surface for the diver, allowing them to quickly and easily return to the surface without getting disoriented.

Lines and Floats

Float line 6mm 15m, Float line 6mm 30m, Float line 6mm 40m


5L Float with Clips, None

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