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Apnea Addicts Freediving is an spearfishing shop for spearfishing enthusiasts. With over 15 years of experience in spearfishing, our shop not only offers top-tier equipment but also serves as a hub for training national spearfishers and world record holders in freediving. This article explores the wide range of high-quality gear available at our store, all designed to enhance your underwater adventure.  

Our Spearfishing Shop 

At Apnea Addicts Freediving, we pride ourselves on being official agents of Freedivers International, offering a carefully curated selection of spearfishing gear that meets the needs of both novice and seasoned divers. Freedivers gear supplied by us is renowned for its commitment to quality, with all our products showcasing the best of South African craftsmanship. 

Spearguns: Precision and Power 

Our selection of spearguns, particularly those ranging from 90 to 110cm, stands out for their popularity and performance. The Horizon and Zeneth models are perfect for beginners, offering ease of use without compromising on efficiency. For the more advanced spearfisher, our range of roller guns provides enhanced power and accuracy, making them a favourite among our customers. These spearguns are engineered for balance, allowing for swift, precise shots even in challenging conditions. The materials used are durable, ensuring longevity and resistance against saltwater corrosion. Our staff are experienced spearfishers themselves and can provide personalized advice on choosing the right speargun for your needs, ensuring you leave with confidence in your selection. 

Freedivers Protoje Speargun

Fins: The Art of Movement 

Designed by Spierre, a local fin artisan, our fins are known for their exceptional quality. Whether you’re gliding through shallow reefs or diving into the depths, these fins offer unmatched comfort and propulsion, helping you move through the water with grace and speed. The design focuses on reducing drag and maximizing power transfer from every kick, which conserves energy during long dives. Available in various stiffness options, they can be tailored to suit the diving conditions and the diver’s personal strength and style. These fins are a favourite among our customers who appreciate their custom fit and exceptional performance, truly standing out as a pinnacle product in our range. 

Spierre Custom Carbon Fins

Masks and Snorkels: Clarity and Comfort 

Understanding that comfort and fit are paramount, Apnea Addicts Freediving offers a variety of masks and snorkels designed to suit different face shapes. Our selection ensures that every diver can find the perfect fit, enhancing visibility and comfort during their dive. We stock masks that feature low-volume designs for easier equalization, made with high-quality silicone for a leak-free fit. Anti-fog technology in our snorkels and masks ensures clear vision throughout your dive, enhancing your underwater experience. Whether for snorkelling or freediving, our experts can guide you to the best mask and snorkel combo that fits your face shape and diving preferences. 

Wetsuits and Accessories: Dressed for Success 

Our wetsuits are designed to provide optimal warmth and protection. Available in various thicknesses and styles, they cater to a range of diving conditions and personal preferences. Our accessories complement the wetsuits with items like dive watches, depth gauges, and underwater cameras, enhancing your dive with technology and convenience. The wetsuits feature ergonomic designs that offer flexibility without compromising on thermal protection, tailored to support both freedom of movement and durability. We also offer repair services and care advice to extend the life of your gear, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. 

Training and Education: Beyond Equipment 

Apnea Addicts Freediving is not just about equipment; we are also a centre for learning and development. Our spearfishing courses are led by seasoned experts who bring years of experience and passion to their teaching. These courses cover everything from basic techniques to advanced tactics, including safety procedures and underwater conservation. Our instructors are not just teachers; they are mentors who provide support and guidance tailored to each student’s progress, ensuring everyone reaches their potential. We believe in a holistic approach to training, incorporating physical conditioning, breath control, and environmental awareness into our programs. 


Community and Engagement: Join the Tribe 

When you shop with us, you become part of a community. Apnea Addicts Freediving is a place where friendships are forged and stories are shared. We host regular meet-ups, dives, and competitions, creating a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the ocean and its preservation. Our events are not only about diving but also include beach clean-ups and educational seminars, reflecting our commitment to ocean conservation. This sense of community extends beyond local waters to online forums and social media, where tips, photos, and stories are shared among members. 

Sustainability: A Commitment to the Ocean 

At Apnea Addicts Freediving, we are deeply committed to the health of our marine environments. We advocate for sustainable fishing practices and actively participate in marine conservation initiatives. Our goal is to ensure that the beauty and biodiversity of our oceans are preserved for future generations. We educate our customers on sustainable practices and encourage responsible diving with minimal environmental impact. By purchasing from us, you are supporting a business that invests in marine life conservation and advocates for the protection of our oceans. 



As you gear up for your next underwater adventure, consider Apnea Addicts Freediving spearfishing shop as your go-to destination for all things spearfishing. From our expertly curated equipment to our comprehensive training programs and our commitment to community and sustainability, we offer everything you need to dive deep, explore new territories, and enjoy the incredible world beneath the waves. Visit us in store or online to discover how our products and expertise can enhance your diving experience. 

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