Level 2 PADI Advanced Freediver Course


PADI Advanced Freediver Level 2 Course

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Take your Next Step:
PADI Advanced Freediver is for for the person that wants to go to 20m and beyond, further, and learn advanced safety and rescue techniques. Buddy diving, advanced equalization, watermanship and discipline.

Continuing your education:
The e-learning of the Advanced Freediver will take you through the journey of different freedivers and allow you to learn from highly experienced instructors, how your body works and experience freediving gear to a more technical degree. The pool session will cover more advanced hydrodynamic techniques, breathing and advanced rescue skills. In the open water, the focus will be on control, discipline, proper technique, safety and rescue. All this to ensure that you reach your goal depth you set yourself.

Our instructors will guide you and assist you on various stress tests, shift your mentality of watermanship, and coach you to where you yourself would like to be.

What you could see on this course:
Blue water diving
Cape Bream
Ship Wrecks
West Coast Rock Lobster
Red Roman Bream

Course Requirements:
12 years or older
Medically fit to dive
Completed Freediver Course or equivalent

Course Outcomes:
Breathold of at least 2:30 min
Dynamic Apnea of 50m or more
Minimum 20m deep dive or more
Buddy diving skills
Rescue and safety
performance equalization
self-discipline at depth


21-22 Oct, 28-29 Oct, 11-12 Nov, 18-19 Nov

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