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Custom Design Spierre Apnea Range Fin Blades (Set/Pair)

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The Custom Apnea range fin blade is excellent for Freediving on a single breath, conserving valuable oxygen and energy and providing maximum lift for energy expended during the ascent to the surface.

  Custom Carbon Art Fin Blades boast unparalleled responsiveness, with an impressive memory and ability to return to the original position. Crafted to order with aerospace-grade carbon cloth and high-performance bio epoxy, the Apnea Range comes with a 19cm width and customizable length (80cm, 82cm, 85cm) and stiffness. Each fin blade is integrated with the design glassed into the epoxy on both sides.

The designs and patterns are flawlessly integrated into the fin blade matrix during production, rather than as a sticker or add-on that is added to the fin blades after manufacturing is completed, ensuring that the design does not peel off the fin as with most sticker / add-on methods.

We will liaise with you regarding your image, please expect an e-mail from us with regards to your print. Your Image can be an art drawing, photo image, or standard print on fins. We prefer the art in JPEG, TIFF, or PDF format. Note – the quality and size of your image will directly impact the quality of the print on your fins.

Foot Pocket info: Spierre Fin Blades can be fitted to most universal foot pockets.  Pathos or Ruku can be added under the Custom Options when ordering.


Black Carbon, Back Side Print (2D), Front Side Print (2D), Both Sides Print (3D)

Foot Pocket

Pathos, Ruku, Cressi, Nova Small Foot, None

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